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Unseen Ellis Island in 3D

Ellis Island in 3D

The Ellis Island immigration facility located in NY Harbor is one of America's most significant landmarks. Over 12 million people were admitted to this country through Ellis Island during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Almost half of the present population of the United States is descended from these hopeful immigrants. Gary Schacker of Schacker Photography and Sheldon Aronowitz, one of the world's great 3D authorities were given unprecedented access by the Federal Government to the dangerous abandoned portions of the complex to produce a pricelss 3D photographic survey. This poignant, award winning program includes both century old images of the complex in full operation and haunting modern views of abandonement and decay, all in true stereoscopic 3D!

A perfect program for museums, schools, churches and synagogues and any group interested in this most fascinating aspect of American history.

3D polarized glasses are provided. Warning, this program routinely brings tears to the eyes of audience members!